Rebekah Hagan

Writer, Speaker, Advocate

About Rebekah

Rebekah Hagan is one of today’s youngest speakers on the issues of teenage pregnancy, abortion, and abortion pill reversal.

Raised in a Christian home where abortion was never discussed, Rebekah`s life in pro-life ministry was unplanned and fueled, instead, by her firsthand experience. She became pregnant at seventeen with her son, Eli, and again with a second child while in her first year of college.

Feeling ashamed and fearing that she would lose her family and be forced to drop out of school, Rebekah thought that raising two children alone would be impossible. At just over seven weeks pregnant, she began a medication abortion that changed her life; however, her story did not end there and neither did the life of her unborn child.

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Filled with intense regret, she searched for a way to undo her mistake and became one of the first women to ever undergo the Abortion Pill Reversal Regimen. It worked! Her son, Zechariah, survived and was born in the fall of 2013.

Her story has been shared by local and national media, as well as religious and secular organizations, including Vice News HBO, Focus On The Family, Live Action, Epoch Times, and World Magazine.

A passionate advocate for grace-centered outreach, Rebekah Hagan uses her story to unravel the mindset of women in unplanned pregnancies, and to equip and encourage others to lead with hope and compassion. She is available to speak at pregnancy center banquets, Right to Life rallies, youth conferences & Christian ministry events.

Rebekah is a graduate of William Jessup University and a Development Officer at Heartbeat International. She and her family reside in Northern California.

Pain brought me to the pro-life ministry, but passion kept me here. I will forever use my story of a second chance at choice to glorify the Kingdom & to help others choose life for their child and eternal life through Christ.”

– Rebekah Hagan